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 The Do's And Don'ts Of Password Security
Skyon Archer
 Posted: Jun 11 2018, 09:53 AM

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It should go without saying that passwords need to be secure, but sometimes in our efforts to make them memorable we can also make them easy to guess, and therefore compromise the security of our accounts. This is no better demonstrated than by the above list of the 100 most common passwords in use. Perhaps there's a few there you recognise?

You should immediately change your password(s) if any of the following are true:
- it is listed in the above image
- it is under 8 characters
- it contains personal info that makes it easy to guess, such as dates of birthdays or anniversaries, names of pets or family members, etc
- you use it across a large number of accounts
- you have shared your password with other people

Some tips for having secure passwords:
- Use a password manager program to remember everything for you. This way you can make your passwords as long and complicated as you like without making them harder to remember. LastPass and 1Password are both good options.
- The longer it is, the harder it is for a computer to guess it. 8 characters should be a minimum, but ideally should be much more. For something long yet memorable, try using song lyrics, or a favourite quote.
- Use a different password for every account. That way if one is compromised the others won't be affected.
- Use lots of different types of characters, e.g. lower case letters, capitals, numbers, punctuation, spaces, foreign letters, etc. This makes it harder for a computer to guess. If this is too hard to remember, instead make it longer to compensate. Either method will make it much harder to guess.

To assist you, I have a Strong Password Generator at
 Posted: Jun 11 2018, 02:32 PM

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We have strong ones here after that idiot on Zeta
Capt. Cave Man
 Posted: Jun 11 2018, 04:30 PM

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Yes i made some really good ones for all here,
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