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Center Ads on Zetaboards
Topic Started: Jan 1 2018, 08:48 AM (43 Views)
Skyon Archer
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Coding Guru
Ever noticed how the ads displayed on Zetaboards always seem to be aligned to the left of the page?

Here's a simple fix. Just add it to the bottom of your CSS "Board Appearance":

.switch_placeholder {
text-align: center!important;
margin-left: auto!important;
margin-right: auto!important;

That's it! Now you will have centered advertisements.

See it in action, and more great codes, at http://forum.skyonarcher.com :)
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Looks good :) !

I know, however, that the ZB Terms of Service state that "You may not remove/hide/alter any advertising on ZetaBoards", and "You may not change/move the relative location of advertising on ZetaBoards".

I'm guessing this code would probably be OK, since it isn't doing anything to make the ads less visible; however, it'd probably be wise to check with them first, if you haven't done so already.
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I agree with Kyng. Might be on the cautious side when doing something like that, but it should be ok
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